el fin/the end

7 05 2011

despedir a argentina/say goodbye to argentina

i don’t know what to say. really, there aren’t words to describe the insane rush and mix of feelings i’m feeling right now. for all you loyal blog readers, i apologize for not writing in the past few weeks. unfortunately, the blog was left behind for more important things, like really enjoying and soaking up argentina during the final days. don’t worry, i’ll be sure to update when i’m home. which, in fact, will be in exactly 19 hours. that’s right, only 19 hours of traveling stand between right now and me putting my feet down on american soil. i’m sitting in the hostel right now with anna, waiting for 6 pm, when we head downstairs to wait for our pre-arranged taxi that will take us to the airport. again, there are no words at the moment. i’ll try to describe it better later, but until then- chau, argentina.



19 04 2011

18 de abril/april 18th

buscar mucha información sobre facebook en avant-garde/research a lot about facebook at avant-garde

tener matías, mi jefe, como un invitado en la clase de periodismo/have matías, my boss, as a guest in journalism class

i will know a lot more about facebook than the average 21-year-old after i finish my internship at avant-garde this semester. did you know you need to have 25 fans before you can make a permanent url for a page that you’ve created for your organization?

i’ve also read more technology press releases than i can count, about themes like cloud systems and data management.  i can provide you with in-depth information about mcafee’s (a virus protection and internet security company) latest tools to protect consumer information on either a mobile or a corporate level.

google is an intern’s best friend.


18 04 2011

17 de abril/april 17th

asistir a un partido de fútbol/go to a soccer game

el campo/the field

el jugador no. 12/the 12th player

los fanáticos/the fans

la policia/the police


bueno fondo/good background

el resultado/the score

another must-do while in buenos aires- attend a soccer game. this wasn’t just any soccer game, it was boca, the most popular team in buenos aires. you can’t go anywhere in the city without seeing a boca hat or jersey. because we had heard crazy tales of boca games being rowdy, borderline dangerous sports events to attend, we decided to go through a tourist agency to make sure we came out alive. unfortunately, we think mostly because of the tie score, we didn’t see anything worse than some people throwing what looked like cups full of water (but were suspiciously yellow) off of the upper stands. however, we still had fun cheering and pretending like we knew the words to all of the songs.


17 04 2011

16 de abril/april 16th

ir de compras con alyssa/go shopping with alyssa

asistir a un show de tango/go to a tango show

el escenario/the stage

it’s one of the “must-dos” while staying in buenos aires. sure, it was expensive and a tad bit touristy, but the dancing was incredible.


16 04 2011

15 de abril/april 15th

charlar el mundo en entercomm/discuss the world in entercomm

dormir la siesta en casa/take a nap at home

no sentirme bien/don’t feel well

did you know that everywhere else in the world learns that there are only 6 continents? and that australia isn’t one of them? everyone in entercomm first laughed, and then tried to figure out what drugs i had taken on the way to work that led me to believe that there were 7 continents, one of them being named australia. “australia isn’t a continent- it’s a country!” in their minds, no way it could be both. we fought about this for a good ten minutes before deciding to agree to disagree. i’m sure their opinion of the u.s. public school system drops by the day when i’m in the office.


15 04 2011

14 de abril/april 14th

tomar facilmente (más o menos) el examen/take the test (more or less) easily

trabajar en avant-garde por poco tiempo/work at avant-garde for a little bit

tomar un tour de palacio barolo/take a tour of barolo palace

we’re checking items off our list. sure, we’ve got all of the “must-do”s in buenos aires down. tango show, soccer game, el caminito, the cemetery, shopping on florida, steak dinner. but the things i know that we’re really going to treasure are those little nuggets, the porteño things we stumbled upon either by the advice of someone or by accident. hanging out by the shore in el tigre, spending all night dancing at el living, becoming regulars at moratto, or even something semi-touristy, but not well known, like our tour of palacio barolo tonight.

la entrada/the entrance

el balcón/the balcony

la ciudad/the city


la luz/the light

illuminado/lit up

it may look like just another tall building in buenos aires, but it actually has a lot of history behind it. the guy who built it modeled it after the work of dante, all the way from the infierno to paradise. that’s 22 floors, with a minuscule lighthouse tower at the top. our tour guide, tomás, knew everything there was to know about the building. he served as group photographer, entertainer, and waiter at the end when we received wine, cheese-stuffed olives, and crackers. he hinted towards the possibility of fantasmas – ghosts – inhabiting the building, as no records were kept of the building process in the early 1920s, and many construction workers could easily have died in the process of moving the large stones and other heavy material 22 stories high above la avenida de mayo.

we really enjoyed our tour. the views from the top of the tower are unrivaled by any other building in the middle of the city. and everyone i’ve mentioned the tour, or even the building too, has never heard of it. however, a few people in the know over on tripadvisor.com call this on of the best hidden gems of buenos aires. we can thank amy for finding this for us.


14 04 2011

13 de abril/april 13th

trabajar en entercomm/work at entercomm

estudiar para nuestro examen de español/study for our spanish test

hard to remember we’re still students, and in the end, our job is still to go to school. take tests. write papers. whoever said study abroad classes were a joke has not been to argentina with the missouri school of journalism.

okay, it’s not that bad. it’s just when you have all this other awesome stuff going on, class kinda drops down on your list of priorities. sorry, mom. i promise my gpa won’t suffer too much.